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The six great milestones in cruising are said to be sailing around the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn, through their man-made shortcuts the Suez and Panama canals, an Atlantic crossing between Europe and North America or a voyage around the world. Of all these only the Panama Canal gives you the sundrenched delights of the Caribbean and the natural delights of Costa Rica and the Baha. It takes all day to sail the 80 kilometres of the Panama Canal. Still, that’s not a bad day’s travelling when it saves a 13,000-kilometre voyage around Cape Horn and it’s pretty special being on a cruise ship as it’s lifted 28 metres to cross a mountain range.

 Canal Fun Facts

  • Panama Hats are from Ecuador — they became known to the world when worn by Ecuadorians working on the Panama Canal.
  •  The Panama Canal runs north-south though it joins the Caribbean Sea in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west.
  •  The Panama Canal was owned and operated by the US until it was handed over to Panama at noon on December 31, 1999.
  •  The centenary of the Panama Canal, next year, will be marked by the opening of new locks and passages 25 per cent larger than the current ones.
  •  No transit through the Panama Canal is free, ever. The cheapest toll was paid by an American adventurer named Richard Halliburton who swam the canal in 1928. His body displacement was calculated, just as it is for a cruise ship, and he was invoiced US36¢.

Holland America Zuiderdam – depart Vancouver, 28 September 2013, sailing 20 Days to Fort Lauderdale

Inside (catL) – $2623.39CAD / Ocean view (catE) – $3043.20CAD / Verandah (CatVD) – $3722.37CAD  ~ All price are per person based on double including taxes and fees

Contact for more information regarding this sailing


Holland America Amsterdam– depart Fort Lauderdale, 28 April 2014, sailing 19 days to Vancouver

Inside (catL) – $2547.27CAD / Ocean view (CatFF) – $2847.37CAD / Verandah (CatBB) – $4545.47CAD ~ All price are per person based on double including taxes and fees

Contact Debbie@roblintravel.thost for more information regarding this sailing


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